Green & Eco-Friendly Funerals

When speaking about green funerals we are referring to a meadow or woodland burial. Complemented by the use of a biodegradable coffin or ashes casket made of cardboard, bamboo, seagrass, willow or sustainable wood.

There are now many woodland burial sites all over the country. Here, located in the beautiful North Shropshire countryside is Fenns Meadow Natural Burial Ground. Just over the border from here in Powys situated in the picturesque countryside is Green Lane Burial Field, Abermule.

The environment of green burial grounds is kept as wild and as natural as possible. We can arrange an environmentally sustainable funeral such as eco-friendly burials in an established woodland or natural setting. Woodland burial plots are set amongst trees and wildflowers, and families can choose to bury or scatter the ashes of a loved one within the peaceful grounds. The grounds offer a tranquil place for family and friends to visit and reflect.