Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Sometimes people feel that the best person to arrange their own funeral is them, as they know what they’d like, where they’d like it to take place, and what they’d prefer to be said or done. This is where the advantage of a pre-paid funeral plan may be worth considering. Planning ahead is an important part of life and gives peace of mind and the security of knowing that the future is taken care of. Planning for your own funeral can help to ease the burden on your loved ones at a difficult time – we can guide you through every aspect to make your plan as personal as you wish.

Families are increasingly turning to pre-arranged funeral services, where important decisions are made in advance of need, stopping your loved ones from having to make major decisions alone at their time of grief, and giving everyone peace of mind.

Golden Charter is an association that works with funeral directors, offering services and various payment plans to make sure that your family will not suffer financially when arranging your funeral. A Golden Charter funeral plan can cover all the funeral director’s costs and can prove better value than a high interest building society account.

The payments are held by an independent trust fund, and can seriously ease the financial pressures on any grieving family. For more information on the plans, we offer, please visit our Pre-Paid Funeral Plans page.

Alternatively you can visit Golden Charter at or call them on 0800 111 4514.