Religious & Non-Religious Funerals

At W. E. Price we can offer a traditional funeral service whether burial or cremation in Mid and North Wales, Shropshire or another part of the UK. We cater for all faiths and cultural requirements, as well as humanist funerals. We are also pleased to offer alternative funerals, such as woodland burials, along with the more traditional religious funerals, or perhaps a simple graveside ceremony may be appropriate. We can also carry out the repatriation of the deceased to and from abroad.

Religious funerals

Religious funerals have unique and meaningful traditions, from the funeral preparations to the service itself. It can be a particularly difficult time if you are unfamiliar with the religious traditions of the person you’ve lost. We’re here to cater to all your needs and can arrange a traditional religious funeral that reflects your loved one’s beliefs and final wishes.


There are currently two crematoria in our area, Pentrebychan in Wrexham and Emstrey in Shrewsbury. A cremation service can be religious or non-religious and we can arrange ministers or civil celebrants depending on the service you require. The service can be traditional or more creative, if you wish to play a loved one’s favourite piece of music during the service we are able to facilitate this for you. Some crematoria also have projector facilities so photos and pictures can be shown during the service.

The cremated remains should be ready for collection two to three days following the service and will usually be collected by the funeral director, unless other arrangements have been made. These can then be taken by the family to be strewn in a special place or scattered in the Garden of Remembrance where the service took place. They could also be buried in a churchyard in a grave or a plot in a cemetery.

Another option is a Direct Cremation. This is a Cremation without a ceremony. It’s different to a traditional funeral as there is no funeral service and no one present at the cremation. It’s for those, who for many reasons, may prefer not to have a funeral service. The option of a simple, straightforward cremation is now being chosen by a growing number of people.

Alternative funerals

When it comes to alternative funeral arrangements, the little details matter to us just as much as they matter to you. Funerals are very personal events and we understand that each service is as unique as the individual themselves. We are here to support you during this time and can arrange an alternative funeral service that reflects the life of your loved one and their final wishes.

If you don’t think a traditional funeral service would be fitting, there are several alternative funeral ideas to choose from. With an alternative funeral service, every detail of the funeral may be personalised to truly reflect your loved one. Whether you wish to arrange a bright and colourful funeral or would simply like to make your loved one’s final journey memorable with an alternative funeral transport, at W. E. Price we will ensure your unique arrangements are met for a special commemoration.